Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine

Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine

Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine

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Nano Mist Sanitizer Spray has a plastic body and comes with a 30 ml tank, that can store any liquid sanitizer. The product is portable and easy to carry around, its small size allows people to carry it in their pocket. The device is a battery-powered product and can last up to 60 minutes.

Carrying around a liquid sanitizer in your pocket might result in accidental leakage, with Mist spray you are assured of having a leakage-free sanitizing experience. The Mist Spray uses a minimal amount of liquid sanitizer and saves your everyday sanitizer use.

Steps for Usage:

  1. Open the tank by moving the head of the device.
  2. Put sanitizing liquid inside the tank.
  3. Close the Mist Spray tank.
  4. Press the button to activate the sprayer.
  5. Dis-Infect the item.


  • The handy sanitizer mist sprayer can be used to sanitize your money, car and another day to day products.
  • The capacity of Nano Sanitizer mist spray is 30 ml.
  • The battery capacity is 150 mAh and can be used 1 hour continuously.
  • Quick USB charging
  • Can be used with milk, water and essential oil with a mixture of some portion of water for better facial cleansing.
  • Portable size for everyday care: small size and lightweight. You can conveniently put it in your backpack, sanitise it all day.
  • The device can also be used as a Water Mist to refresh the Skin.
  • Smooth operation, slide-switch design, for a convenient sanitising at any angle.
  • Simple to use, Pocket-sized. Just fill-up with a sanitiser, push down the switch, and then it automatically starts spraying sanitiser.


  • Battery Capacity: 150mAh
  • Atomization Amount: 1.25-1.45ml/min
  • Material: Atomization Chip, Integrated Circuit
  • Conditions of Use: Charging and Adding Liquid
  • Water Tank Capacity: 30ml
  • Atomized Particles: 0.3μm
  • Charging Time: 1-2 hours
  • Colour: White, Pink
  • Weight: Approx. 56g / 2 oz
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